X Media Sports offers clients an array of services relating to sports media analysis and market research. Data collected by our dedicated employees benefiting from highly developed and internationally recognized analysis tools, accompanied by sophisticated evaluation models.

At X Media Sports we endeavor to assist our clients in all areas to control and optimize market campaigns in order to enhance the return on investment (ROI).

The following subtitles allow you to browse through individual departments, accurately illustrating what XMS offers!

Cross Media – TV Print Online Social Media

In an ever demanding market Cross Media evaluation has emerged as a pivotal driving force for X Media Sports.

With the constant emergence of innovative developments and new technologies, Cross Media paves the way for an accurate media review for Rights Holders, Sponsors, Sports Companies and Federations.

Cross Media is the official terminology adopted by XMS referring to the collective range of media outputs, offering clients a diverse spectrum of amassed data, pivotal to the planning of current and future sports sponsorship engagements. Regardless of whether TV Print Online or Social Media all avenues are obtainable under our own concise XMS Cross Media strategy.