X Media Sports offers clients an array of services relating to sports media analysis and market research. Data collected by our dedicated employees benefiting from highly developed and internationally recognized analysis tools, accompanied by sophisticated evaluation models.

At X Media Sports we endeavor to assist our clients in all areas to control and optimize market campaigns in order to enhance the return on investment (ROI).

The following subtitles allow you to browse through individual departments, accurately illustrating what XMS offers!

Cross Media – TV Print Online Social Media

In an ever demanding market Cross Media evaluation has emerged as a pivotal driving force for X Media Sports.

With the constant emergence of innovative developments and new technologies, Cross Media paves the way for an accurate media review for Rights Holders, Sponsors, Sports Companies and Federations.

Cross Media is the official terminology adopted by XMS referring to the collective range of media outputs, offering clients a diverse spectrum of amassed data, pivotal to the planning of current and future sports sponsorship engagements. Regardless of whether TV Print Online or Social Media all avenues are obtainable under our own concise XMS Cross Media strategy.


TV media evaluation is the flagship of all media outputs!

In an ever demanding market, the ability to capture, analyze, and deliver data accurately and promptly has become increasingly challenging in today’s growing media environment. For sponsors, rights holders, federations and governing bodies, media evaluation is an essential value. The key question posed by many clients is: “How many are watching and how much is our sponsorship engagement worth?”

XMS boasts more than 50 partners worldwide; all thriving to produce, perform and deliver elevated precision to each and every one of our clients.

Bespoke media research... where the imagination meets reality!

XMS documents TV brand visibility as well as the exposure sequences within TV programs. In order to document the total duration of an on-screen brand visibility, measurements are accumulated by means of digital recording. Experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology help draw conclusions from important qualitative aspects, such as logo positioning on boarding, banners and other advertising sources.

Thereafter, the data is finalized and meticulously recorded to produce a bespoke X Media Sports evaluation report. This ultimately demonstrates a brands value in accordance with all means of TV media.


Print media evaluation is an analysis of published articles. The method primarily identifies and evaluates clippings from all forms of publications in print media. Quantitative data on aspects such as range, position, size of articles and qualitative evaluations analyze the nature of the statements made.

Clippings provide the following relevant information: publisher, date of publication, edition, media type, reach and circulation. In addition, other variables specifically selected by clients may also be considered.

Each type of publication is considered for analysis according to its category e.g.: daily newspaper, weekly newspaper, trade magazine and further consumer journals. In turn, all subsidiary editions are also analyzed. XMS print media evaluation is based on information received from more than 40,000 monthly publishing’s.

The quality of a sponsorships appearance is an additional factor influencing the AVE calculation. Qualitative aspects considered for the advertising costs include bespoke variables e.g. the size of the advertisement, visibility of advertising message and the number of competitive advertisers.


Website visits are becoming an increasingly important measurement factor for brands involved in sports. The Internet has several advantages for brands as websites allow an interactive brand communication for the supplier to be accessed at any time.

The Internet is not limited to broadcasting times or media reports. Online media monitoring evaluates internationally pre-defined tag-words and articles

from over 200,000 websites worldwide, relevant to properties in the www without country limitations.

Each website is assigned to a publication, under which a weighting indicates the probability of an article read on the chosen website. Publication types: news, portals, public interest, specific websites, sport-specific websites. An article describes the individual entry of a report including the image on the web page. It provides the following basic information: release date, visits, VisitsSports, publication, publication type.

The advertising value equivalency for the Online Media presence of an event or advertising presence reflects and represents the costs of a sponsorship commitment. Further calculation factors are the size of the article or the image in pixels as well as website visits and VisitsSports.

Sponsor Evaluation

Sponsor evaluation reflects advertising effectiveness!

A sponsor evaluation measures the exposure provided by traditional means of media evaluation (Cross Media – TV Print Online Social Media), made during an event or series in order to provide a highly worth full advertising equivalency value. This illustrates the

value of a sponsor’s commitment during a specific monitoring period, relating to selected markets from around the globe.

As an independent company, XMS actively differentiates between advertising sources e.g. in motorsport - helmet, overalls, car and track banners etc. relating to the total collected data from TV Print Online Social Media. Each and every source is then valued individually to its (AVE) advertising value equivalency for an overall performance worth.

Social Media

For a connected world…
spread the word and touch so many!

Social media networks were somewhat of a novelty not so long ago, but today their importance remains on the lips of every “follower” or “liker” worldwide. Businesses lacked visible understanding to the real worth of social media platforms, but the tide has turned! With over 1.8 billion users worldwide, social media is the latest recruit to join the media evaluation community, following the more traditional methods of TV Print Online.

The world of social media has taken on an all new “accountability” factor.

At XMS we have gone to great extent to understand the powerful marketing and communication tool that social media platforms offer businesses. Our dedicated team of social media experts meticulously plans with clients prior and during “campaigns”. Whether it is a sports event, testimonial, brand or series, key areas of importance are closely followed in order to gain maximum exposure from all processes implemented.