X Media Sports

X Media Sports is an independent bespoke media evaluation provider for the global sports industry, offering customized research and premium products coinciding with data to ensure goals are strategically accomplished to precision.

X Media Sports is an independent company, working for sponsors, event organizers, federations and rights holders alike. Its purpose is to consult and evaluate the generated worth of any particular media exposure during a specific event or series by traditional means of monitoring e.g. TV/Print/Online/Social Media.

On this basis, individual sponsorship performances are assessed and meticulously evaluated to attain an overall advertising value equivalency (AVE).

Thereafter, X Media Sports employees conclude the process by adapting their extensive experience and expertise

to create media evaluation reports efficiently and promptly. A unique feature to XMS’ make-up, relates to the delivery period of all reports. The reliability factor remains pivotal

to clients worldwide, who are now able to rely on a vendor that qualitatively delivers faster than anybody else.

University Partner

X Media Sports Consulting GmbH is proud to announce its newest partner the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim. The aim is to support and benefit from two study programs:

1. International Business
2. Exhibition, Conference and Event Management

Candidates are welcome to take advantage of XMS`s professional environment, during which they will be fully integrated into daily operational activities in order to enhance their business skills.

XMS relishes the opportunity as a dual-partner and looks forward to a long and professional relationship.